After 10 years of Open Copy, we are changing gear. Conrad is now working with First Reef Studio in Denmark and Lydia is offering copywriting and editing with Open Copy. They are still comparing notes over dinner.

Images are one of the magical elements of the web, beautiful, informative and entertaining but they do pose problems.

Pictures, illustrations and logos all contain a lot of information. This information is reflected in the file size of an image. The larger the physical size of an image the larger the file size and the better quality the image is, the larger the file size. So, when we want to reduce the file size we look to reduce the physical size and the quality of an image.

The following video goes through a simple process to reduce the file size of images for the uploading to a website. I use a great application called Adapter that is free and available for the Mac and PC. Check it

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(Caveat – Since putting this video together I have tested the PC version of Adapter and it is far less pleasing user experience than the Mac version. I will keep an eye out for a better PC application and update here).