After 10 years of Open Copy, we are changing gear. Conrad is now working with First Reef Studio in Denmark and Lydia is offering copywriting and editing with Open Copy. They are still comparing notes over dinner.

WordPress Pumpkin 

1: Content Management
WordPress is a state of the art Content Management System, perhaps the most capable in the world. Website marketing is all about content.

2: Design
WordPress marketeers have access to 1000s of pre-designed templates that are free or low cost, and ready to use or customise.

3: Usability
The CMS has one of the best designed user interfaces available. It is easy to update content and create blog posts. There is a huge community of technical support.

4: Cost efficiency
WordPress is open source software. It has been developed and advanced by 1000s of passionate programmers and developers over the last ten years. That’s lots of value-add for FREE!

5: Capability
WordPress started out as very good, though rather simple, blogging software. It has since developed into a totally complete package of web building tools. 1000s of plugins (add ons) are available. Everything you need.

6: Flexibility
WordPress is supported by most hosting companies and most programmers and developers can easily access and work on a WordPress site. Customise at your own pace, using plugins; make daily changes, and don’t be tied to one web developing (or hosting) company.

7: Support
WordPress is supported by a whole, global community of knowledgeable experts; developers, programmers and designers. There’s heaps of freely given, easy to access, information on the web.

8: Search
WordPress is naturally well configured for SEO purposes. Lots of great plugins are available to help with all aspects of SEO. What search engines love most is regularly updated content, which is what WordPress is designed for!

9: Social
Plugin architecture is the best way to move with the times. Plugin or out of the trends as they come and go. WordPress is the active social networker’s tools of choice.

10: The future
WordPress is here to stay. 25% of the worlds websites are now built on WordPress. We believe it is the best choice for websites open for business.