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Close up of a pixelated Yellow Pages logo

Should I have a listing in the Yellow Pages book?

I won’t be telling you anything you don’t know by saying, this depends on whether you are getting calls or sales from this listing. How you gauge that metric is either by asking everyone who calls where they heard about you or there are call tracking programs that can tell you this. Avanser is one we have used in the past.

Should I have a listing in the Yellow Pages online?

The online Yellow Pages directory listings are a little more complicated and need to be assessed in relation to all your online marketing assets.
All your online marketing efforts, be it your website, Yellow Pages listing, Adwords campaigns, blogging or newsletters, need to be assessed within the frame of your whole online strategy.

Is a Yellow Pages listing good for my search engine rankings?

A Yellow Pages listing offers a link to your website, which is generally beneficial to the search engine ranking of your website, but, this is a paid directory and the link isn’t put there by someone who values your content, or your website, it’s there because you paid for it. Simplistically, Google thinks of a link to your website from another website as a ‘vote’. A link from the Yellow Pages, however, is a vote you bought and therefore isn’t as valuable in the eyes of the search engines.

Do people search for my service on the Yellow Pages website?

The Yellow Pages is an online directory that people use to find businesses. If you have an online listing you will receive monthly reports outlining the amount of times your listing has been viewed and how many times a visitor has clicked through to your website. This is the best way to assess the amount of people finding your service through the Yellow Pages online.
If you don’t have an online listing with the Yellow Pages, one way of assessing the engagement people are having with the online directory is to look at the number of searches for the term “Yellow Pages” in Google over the last 8 years.

What if the Yellow Pages listing for my business is showing up in the Google search results?

If your Yellow Pages listing is being presented in Google for your keywords then either you don’t have a website or your website needs attention. In my experience, Google will generally rank a website for a business higher than a Yellow Pages listing for the same business.

Google uses Yellow Pages to ‘verify’ your business for local search.

This is one aspect of the Yellow Pages directory that can offer value to your marketing efforts. Your local listing on Google Maps, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local is used as an indicator that you are who you say you are. Providing you follow this simple rule.

You must format the following details for your business in exactly the same way on the Yellow Pages listing, your website and the local listings, Google, Yahoo! and Bing local.

Business Name
Business Address
Phone number

Ensure these details appear on every page of your website.

So, depending on how your website is performing in the ‘Local’ section at the top of the Google results page, it may help to employ a basic, Yellow Pages ad with a link to your site.