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Hi I’m Lydia
Marketing strategist and content writer/editor. Creating, sharing and enthusing are my 3 favourite things.

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Hi, I'm Conrad, web and usability designer and project manager. Getting others organised is my happy place.

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Better e-publish than legacy?

Many authors are turning to ebook publishing as a favourable alternative to the dubious terms offered by legacy publishers. A dedicated website offering a simple shopping cart and paypal system, allows authors to sell their book direct. They get to set the book price...

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Take Your Daughter To Work Day

  And if work on that day is at Darkside Chocolates then…well… you can see from their faces what my girls thought of that! I had spent the day with John Wade, of, interviewing him and documenting the process that he goes through to create...

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10 Reasons to Use WordPress

  1: Content Management WordPress is a state of the art Content Management System, perhaps the most capable in the world. Website marketing is all about content. 2: Design WordPress marketeers have access to 1000s of pre-designed templates that are free or low cost,...

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What is this social media stuff all about?

What is this social media stuff all about? How can we ‘engage with our online community’? Do we really want or need to be doing so and what at the end of the day is in it for us? If you are a small business or enterprise and you are investing in your online presence...

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