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Hi, I'm Conrad, web and usability designer and project manager. Getting others organised is my happy place.

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Hi I’m Lydia
Marketing strategist and content writer/editor. Creating, sharing and enthusing are my 3 favourite things.

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Look after your assets

Step 2. Conduct and document an appraisal of your existing assets aka clean out the cupboard and dust off what you’ve got You may have that starting from scratch feeling, but chances are you have something you can draw on. Whether it’s your business plan, resume, a...

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Branding 101

Step 3. Develop your Brand Positioning Table  aka - what your customers need to know about you. A Brand Positioning Table can come in many shapes and forms. A few years ago I was lucky enough to inherit a version that I really love. I have been using ever since, and...

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Content Marketing and MailChimp

Investment in content marketing is predicted to increase over the next year, this includes the use of newsletters, and there are several reasons for this. 1. It is effective. Talking to a potential customer from their inbox is incredibly powerful and they are likely...

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