Open Copy Partner and Copywriter Lydia Kenyon, blogs about social media with effective outcomes. Bringing you real life case studies of the trailblazers on the scene, and showing you where they are headed and why.

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Hi I’m Lydia
Marketing strategist and content writer/editor. Creating, sharing and enthusing are my 3 favourite things.

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Hi, I'm Conrad, web and usability designer and project manager. Getting others organised is my happy place.

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Content Marketing and MailChimp

Investment in content marketing is predicted to increase over the next year, this includes the use of newsletters, and there are several reasons for this. 1. It is effective. Talking to a potential customer from their inbox is incredibly powerful and they are likely...

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John Stanley Comes to Town

John Stanley is a globe-trotting retail consultant, sharing useful insights with shopkeepers and traders on industry developments and technological impacts. He warns of the destructive potential of multi-national companies and online superstores. However, through the...

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