After 10 years of Open Copy, we are changing gear. Conrad is now working with First Reef Studio in Denmark and Lydia is offering copywriting and editing with Open Copy. They are still comparing notes over dinner.

Open Copy Partner and Copywriter Lydia Kenyon, blogs about social media with effective outcomes. Bringing you real life case studies of the trailblazers on the scene, and showing you where they are headed and why.

Hi, I'm Conrad, web and usability designer and project manager. Getting others organised is my happy place.

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Hi I’m Lydia
Marketing strategist and content writer/editor. Creating, sharing and enthusing are my 3 favourite things.

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Convert with Content

Conversion is the name of the game. 10 top tips on writing words that can effectively sell your product or service. The best way to use online marketing to improve your sales, is to start thinking in terms of a sales funnel. The purchase is the end goal. You have to...

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Branding Blueprint

Branding Blueprint = empowerment for you and your team to successfully build effective online marketing infrastructure.   TIP: Keep a Branding Blueprint Folder on file. Your Branding Blueprint Folder should include: 1) A review document showing which competitors...

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Your Messaging Strategy

  This is a Messaging Strategy Template to help you to plan and create effective copy to market your business. Your copy is your written content. Your text. Copy is text that has been created, specifically and strategically, to effect a desired outcome. To write...

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Email Marketing How-to

This walk through instruction is intended to help you get up and running in MailChimp. It doesn't cover every possible action you can take because there are great instructions at MailChimp on all of these tasks, I have simply brought the main tasks together to give...

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