Let’s get a conversation going in regional WA about the future of industry and employment in rural areas.

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Road home from conference on digital futures in neighbouring regional area

Please take 2 minutes to read about the conversation that I hope residents in the Great Southern might like to have about harnessing ’emerging’ opportunities through ‘enabling’ technologies.

Please leave a comment. All perspectives welcome and appreciated.

[clear]What do we think about ‘enabling’ technologies?

This is a term used to describe online networking, creative production and promotions tools.

This includes
• Desktop publishing, website building and content creation programs.
• Social sharing platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.
• Online directories, stores like ebay, Etsy and Amazon.

These tools can enable rurally based entrepreneurs and creatives to access audiences and find economic viability, sustainability and success.

What will the new industrial landscape look like for the children of regionally based families?

Will my children enjoy more choices, regarding rurally accessible opportunities in education and employment, than the youngsters of today who have to leave the area where they grew up to access jobs and training?

Anita Sykes-Helleher, spoke on behalf of the Department of Culture and the Arts, addressing 120 attendees at the Emergence Digital Creative Festival held in Margaret River last month. Anita said,

“The FUTURE is not SOMEWHERE we are GOING TO. The future is SOMEWHERE we are CREATING.”

Do stakeholders in the Great Southern want to participate in the creation of a new industrial landscape?

Are we optimistic about the role of enabling technologies in the creation of our region’s future?

High profile event highlights growing desirability of rural locations

High profile event highlights growing desirability of rural locations

Enabling technologies can put local enterprise on a global stage

Enabling technologies can put local enterprise on a global stage

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Lifestyle is set to overtake industry as deciding factor in where people will chose to live

[clear]The Australian Creative Design Industry has increased 3.2% every year over the last 6 years

(A. Sykes-Helleher quotes from National Bureau of Statistics):

I look around my region and I see a well-spring of creativity and entrepreneurship.

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Are we optimistic about emerging opportunities in regional WA?

What are our concerns?

Are we excited?

What do we do next?

What do we need to do at a grassroots level?

What do we need to ask Government to do for us?

Are regional areas going to continue to be overlooked?