After 10 years of Open Copy, we are changing gear. Conrad is now working with First Reef Studio in Denmark and Lydia is offering copywriting and editing with Open Copy. They are still comparing notes over dinner.

“One of the earliest challenges was that I had to start from scratch, and immediately you put your antennae out. We women know how to do that. We are very good with our antennae. We pick up what needs to be done and we work at it.”

Amy Burch
Amy Burch, of Burch Family Wines, speaking at Empowering Women, Denmark, WA 2015.

6 Sturdy Steps to Success

As a business owner you can relate to this, right? I certainly can. We have to start from scratch at a business start-up stage, but then also every new marketing project can also feel a bit like ‘back to the drawing board’.

The technical arm of Open Copy provides cost effective website solutions for small to medium businesses, but what about the content? A lot of small businesses struggle writing the content because they are so busy with the core function of their business. In terms of images and text we provide both done-for-you services and support for those who want to DIY.

Over the last 4 years, working part time, I’ve written promotional content for over 40 different businesses and organisations. That’s spanning a diverse range of sectors across health; government, construction, sport, tourism, entertainment, education, and food & drink. And each time, of course, starting is the hardest part.

I have a couple tried and tested go tos, for when I’m looking at that blank page. The first of which is the action plan, 6 Sturdy Steps, listed below.

So, for anyone out there starting from, or feeling like they are starting from…scratchy head-what-now??#? Here they are….

6 Sturdy Steps to employ when starting a marketing campaign from scratch.

1. Conduct and document an online review of your sector

aka – check out your competition


2. Conduct and document an appraisal of your existing content assets

Clean out the cupboard and dust off what you’ve got


3. Develop (or revisit) your Brand Positioning Table

Write down in one document all the most important things about you


4. Develop a Message Strategy 

Write down what you are going to do and say and how you are going to do and say it.


5. Consolidate your Branding Blueprint Folder

Put it all together in a folder and name it something that will help you remember what it is.


6. Develop your new creative assets

aka ok – you are good to go. Start creating great content.


Six steadfast steps explained:

Click on a step above to find out in more detail how and why it could be the right next step for you.

megaphone Open copy is a proud sponsor of the Empowering Women in Business Masterclass, Denmark 2015.

When implementing the Steps above, for a client, I try to involve the client as much as possible. In this way, my clients, or collaborators, and I have a shared point of reference from the get-go. Also, I hope to give my clients a sound departure point for any further content creation that they may want to undertake themselves. My view is that DIY (do it yourself) should always be an option within the clients reach.

I have been in digital media since 1998. Back then the very promise of digital was that it would be cheaper and easier to access than traditional forms of media. If digital specialists make the client feel they are totally dependent on them, then the original promise has been broken and people could easily lose love for the technology. That’s our view at Open Copy. So we try to keep all our processes as transparent as possible. We try to keep you feeling the love.

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