After 10 years of Open Copy, we are changing gear. Conrad is now working with First Reef Studio in Denmark and Lydia is offering copywriting and editing with Open Copy. They are still comparing notes over dinner.

Branding Blueprint = empowerment for you and your team to successfully build effective online marketing infrastructure.


TIP: Keep a Branding Blueprint Folder on file. Your Branding Blueprint Folder should include:

1) A review document showing which competitors (or co-opitors) you are keeping an eye on.

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2) A document or folder containing editable Word or Pages versions of all your copy assets. Including, web page content, and online profiles, print materials.

3) An appraisal of any copy drafts that you are considering redeveloping. e.g. if you are going to redevelop your Home Page create an annotated copy of your original Home Page copy stating its strengths and weaknesses.

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4) Reference to a good system for retrieving images and photos that are valuable to your campaigns. This includes publicity shots, stock photos you have bought, and logo designs and iterations.

5) Your Brand Positioning Table – keep a master copy for your brand as a whole, also you can create tables for specific campaigns, and product launches etc.

6) Your Messaging Strategy – for your over all brand, and also for specific campaigns or platforms.

7) A Marketing Plan – write down desired objectives and how you will test for success. Include budget details, calendar of upcoming events, and timelines. This is a good place to log summaries of analytics that you have used to review the success of previous campaigns.

8) A style guide – include fonts, logo iterations, and any stylistic preferences that your team agrees on. Aim for consistency.

So in summary your Branding blueprint includes:

All your planning and strategising documents – editable versions to edit, pdf versions to snapshot and archive.

All your marketing assets (or collateral) – images, photos, art work, copywriting elements – various formats.

Open your Branding Blueprint Folder at the beginning of every new marketing project.

If you have time for nothing else at least review your Brand Positioning Table.

The purpose of your Branding Blueprint Folder is to keep you and your team on track with the planning and implementation of your marketing projects, both online and off.

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