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Many business owners talk to us about about the challenges of starting with a blank page. We want to see you write your own copy, because no one knows your business like you do. But you are busy with the core activities of your business. You need to step out and view your business from the outside, and you need a strategy to help you make creative decisions about the marketing of your business, with efficiency and confidence. The 6 step process is designed to help you do just that. Click on the link below:

Starting from Scratch – 6 Sturdy Steps

Why and how-tos:

Interview with Amy Burch


These resources were developed out of of sponsorship from the Empowering Women in Business initiative, Denmark, 2015.


Amy Burch of Burch Family Wines kindly gave her time and shared her expertise and insights in an interview with Open Copy. This interview formed the basis of the Empowering Women in Business Masterclass on Online Marketing conducted by Open Copy at Howard Park Winery, in April this year.

15 business women attended the masterclass, from sectors in Denmark spanning food and wine, retail, tourism, and architecture, as well as, design, promotions, coaching, environmental, and therapeutic services.

The event and the generation of the follow up online resources found here, was an initiative coordinated by Denmark Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by the Department for Communities ‘Grants for Women’ Program.

Sections of Amy’s interview are available below. Just click on the Vimeo links below, and enter the password ’empower’.

Amy Burch

Amy and Jeff BurchSlide02